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Fusion 5.10
    Fusion 5.10

    Jive V1 Connector Configuration Reference

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    Retrieve content from a Jive instance.

    V1 deprecation and removal notice

    Starting in Fusion 5.12.0, all V1 connectors are deprecated. This means they are no longer being actively developed and will be removed in Fusion 5.13.0.

    The replacement for this connector is in active development at this time and will be released at a future date.

    If you are using this connector, you must migrate to the replacement connector or a supported alternative before upgrading to Fusion 5.13.0. We recommend migrating to the replacement connector as soon as possible to avoid any disruption to your workflows.

    If security trimming is enabled, the Jive connector uses the visibility field while indexing permission metadata on content. This data is stored in the acl_ss field for each document.

    The value of the visibility field determines the permissions assigned to a document. The following table describes how the types of permissions found in the visibility field of a document are used.

    Permission type Notes

    The value stored in the acl_ss field is "all".


    The document includes a list of users who are authorized to view the content. This list is stored in the acl_ss field as user email addresses.


    A request is made to determine the type of group. The group type determines the permissions stored.

    Open or Members Only

    The value stored in the acl_ss field is "all".

    Private or Secret

    The value stored in the acl_ss field is the name of the group.


    When entering configuration values in the UI, use unescaped characters, such as \t for the tab character. When entering configuration values in the API, use escaped characters, such as \\t for the tab character.

    Connector for a Jive instance, using Jive's REST API.

    id - stringrequired

    Unique name for this datasource.

    >= 1 characters

    Match pattern: ^[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+$

    pipeline - stringrequired

    Name of an existing index pipeline for processing documents.

    >= 1 characters

    description - string

    Optional description for this datasource.

    parserId - string

    Parser used when parsing raw content. For some connectors, a configuration to 'retry' parsing if an error occurs is available as an advanced setting

    properties - Properties

    Datasource configuration properties

    db - Connector DB

    Type and properties for a ConnectorDB implementation to use with this datasource.

    type - string

    Fully qualified class name of ConnectorDb implementation.

    >= 1 characters

    Default: com.lucidworks.connectors.db.impl.MapDbConnectorDb

    inlinks - boolean

    Keep track of incoming links. This negatively impacts performance and size of DB.

    Default: false

    aliases - boolean

    Keep track of original URI-s that resolved to the current URI. This negatively impacts performance and size of DB.

    Default: false

    inv_aliases - boolean

    Keep track of target URI-s that the current URI resolves to. This negatively impacts performance and size of DB.

    Default: false

    places_filter - array[object]

    Filter to control the indexation of contents under specific places. Cannot be set with places_to_crawl at the same time. To get object_type_id and object_id from the Jive UI, go to the Place, select Actions, and mouse over any option. A URL will display with parameters containerType (object_type_id) and ContainerId (object_id).

    object attributes:{object_type_id : {
     display name: Object Type Id
     type: string
    object_id : {
     display name: Object Id
     type: string

    initial_mapping - Initial field mapping

    Provides mapping of fields before documents are sent to an index pipeline.

    skip - boolean

    Set to true to skip this stage.

    Default: false

    label - string

    A unique label for this stage.

    <= 255 characters

    condition - string

    Define a conditional script that must result in true or false. This can be used to determine if the stage should process or not.

    reservedFieldsMappingAllowed - boolean

    Default: false

    mappings - array[object]

    List of mapping rules

    object attributes:{source required : {
     display name: Source Field
     type: string
    target : {
     display name: Target Field
     type: string
    operation : {
     display name: Operation
     type: string

    unmapped - Unmapped Fields

    If fields do not match any of the field mapping rules, these rules will apply.

    source - string

    The name of the field to be mapped.

    target - string

    The name of the field to be mapped to.

    operation - string

    The type of mapping to perform: move, copy, delete, add, set, or keep.

    Default: copy

    Allowed values: copymovedeletesetaddkeep

    jive_instance_url - string

    Address of your Jive instance.

    >= 1 characters

    proxy_address - string

    Address of the HTTP proxy, if required. This should be entered in the format <scheme>://<host>:<port>

    jive_username - string

    Username to access the Jive instance. If this is provided and the Client ID is also provided, the Client ID will be preferred for OAuth-based auhtentication to Jive. The username and password are defined as a backup in case OAuth is not available.

    >= 1 characters

    jive_password - string

    Password for the provided user.

    >= 1 characters

    jive_client_id - string

    Jive Client ID provided by the Jive Add-on. If the Add-on has been installed in your Jive instance, OAuth will be used to authenticate to the Jive instance. If this is not provided, the username and password will be used instead.

    jive_client_secret - string

    Jive Secret Key for the provided Client ID.

    contents_to_crawl - string

    List of content types to crawl, separated by commas and no spaces (lowercase). The connector can only retrieve objects from Jive's Content entity, as described in https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/cloud/rest/ContentEntity.html.

    >= 1 characters

    Default: All

    enable_security_trimming - boolean

    Security trimming restricts query results to records the user is allowed to access by indexing user access information with other document metadata. Enable this option to index user access metadata.

    Default: false

    places_to_crawl - string

    List of places to crawl, separated by commas and no spaces (lowercase). The connector can only retrieve Places from Jive's Place entity, as described in https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/cloud/rest/PlaceEntity.html.

    Default: space,group

    fetch_announcements - boolean

    When enabled system and place announcements are fetched

    Default: true

    max_file_size - integer

    Maximum size (in bytes) of documents to fetch or -1 for unlimited file size. Files with size greater than this value will not be downloaded but metadata will be added.

    Default: 10485760

    default_content_encoding - string

    The default encoding to use when parsing Jive content. Can be left blank to have fusion make an educated guess before parsing instead.

    Default: UTF-8

    excluded_content_types - array[string]

    Content MIME types to exclude from fetching. Files with a content type contained in this list will not be downloaded but available metadata will be added to the index. By default, this list includes many content types Apache Tika is not able to process.

    Default: "video/x-ms-wm""text/csv""application/postscript""video/x-ms-wmv""image/vnd.dwg""image/tiff""audio/x-aiff""audio/x-ms-wma""application/mac-binhex40""application/winhlp""application/x-font-ttf""video/x-ms-asf""application/illustrator""chemical/x-pdb""application/x-iso9660-image""application/x-msdownload""audio/x-pn-realaudio""application/x-ms-installer""image/gif""video/x-msvideo""application/vnd.visio""audio/mpeg""application/x-emf""image/vnd.dxf""application/x-dosexec""application/x-shockwave-flash""audio/midi""image/vnd.adobe.photoshop""application/octet-stream""application/x-java-jnilib""image/x-ms-bmp""image/jpeg""application/x-msaccess""video/mp4""text/plain""video/quicktime""application/x-dtbresource+xml""text/x-expect""application/vnd.ms-htmlhelp""audio/basic""video/mpeg""application/x-quattro-pro""application/vnd.rn-realmedia""audio/x-wav""application/vnd.ms-cab-compressed""audio/ogg""video/ogg""application/ogg""audio/vorbis""audio/x-oggflac""audio/x-oggpcm""audio/opus""audio/speex""video/daala""video/theora""video/x-dirac""video/x-ogm""video/x-ogguvs""video/x-oggyuv""video/x-oggrgb""audio/x-flac""application/x-msmetafile""application/x-roxio-toast""application/mp4""audio/mp4""audio/mp4a-latm""video/mp4v-es""video/x-m4v""audio/mpeg4-generic""audio/vnd.sealedmedia.softseal.mpeg""audio/x-mpegurl""video/bmpeg""video/mpeg4-generic""application/x-msdownload;format=pe""application/x-dosexec""application/x-msdownload;format=pe32""application/x-msdownload;format=pe64""application/x-msdownload;format=pe-itanium""application/x-msdownload;format=pe-armLE""application/x-msdownload;format=pe-arm7""application/x-tika-msoffice"

    batch_size - integer

    Number of items to fetch in each batch request. The Jive API limit is 100. If you are having problems with Jive timing out on requests, decreasing the batch size might help the crawl continue, but will extend the overall time the crawl takes.

    Default: 95

    requests_timeout - integer

    Time in milliseconds to wait for server response.

    Default: 60000

    diagnostic_mode - boolean

    Enable to print more detailed information to the logs about each request.

    Default: false

    request_delay - integer

    The amount of time, in milliseconds, to wait before perform each request.

    Default: 0

    retry_delay - integer

    The number of milliseconds to wait before retrying a failed request.

    Default: 15000

    max_retries - integer

    The maximum number of retries for a failed request.

    Default: 5

    fetch_users - boolean

    If enabled, users from Jive will be fetched

    Default: false

    fetch_deactivated_users - boolean

    If enabled, deactivated users from Jive will be fetched

    Default: false

    fetch_personal_blogs - boolean

    If enabled, all user's blogs from Jive will be fetched

    Default: false

    fetch_threads - integer

    The number of threads to use during fetching

    >= 1

    exclusiveMinimum: false

    Default: 10

    queue_capacity - integer

    The capacity for the fetch queue

    >= 1

    exclusiveMinimum: false

    Default: 10

    producer_threads - integer

    The number of threads to use during production

    >= 1

    exclusiveMinimum: false

    Default: 2

    allowCircularRedirects - boolean

    If true, a request can be redirected to the same URL multiple times

    Default: false