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Fusion 5.4

App Studio Reference Guides

The reference section contains information that is presented without explanation of the general concepts. It includes content such as definitions and attributes for services, tags, modules, etc.

For conceptual information, see the concepts section.

  • Accessing Data

    The articles in this section describe key aspects of accessing data.

  • Deployment Overview

    This article describes general app deployment with App Studio.

  • FAQ

    The articles in this section answer frequently asked questions about various aspects and functionality of App Studio.

  • Filters

    Filters are AngularJS based filters that can be implemented in the markup by piping the filter name to a data object, which transforms the object. See Filter Syntax for more information.

  • Gallery

    The gallery provides visual examples of App Studio elements, with code snippets that you can copy, paste, and edit in your own App Studio views.

  • Installation

    This section contains various articles on the installation, system requirements, and supported environments of App Studio.

  • Licensing

    This article contains basic licensing details.

  • Modules

    Appkit’s suite of search components is modular, which means you are able to get a working solution into place quickly using tried-and-tested components.

  • Services Reference

    App Studio exposes a number of frontend JavaScript services which encapsulate reusable processes. These services are based on the AngularJS framework. There are also backend Java web services that perform the same functions as many of the frontend services, including platform search endpoints, platform series endpoint, query suggestion/typeahead services, csv/excel export, and facet search.

  • Tags

    The App Studio markup language defines a set of HTML-like elements, or tags, for defining search queries to the backend and visualizing the search results and facets, handling all the complexities of connecting to Fusion.