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Fusion 5.4

Search Responses

The Response tag (<search:response>) sends a Query to a given Platform and stores the Response in a JSP variable.


This example shows how to submit a query using a given Platform and retrieve the response:

<search:response var="myResponse" platform="platform" query="query"></search:response>

The resulting response object can be accessed using an angular expression in the HTML page on which it is located. For example, {{myResponse}}.

Configuration parameters

var (java.lang.String)
Variable name to reference the Response from the Platform.
Default: response

platform (twigkit.platform.Platform)
The Platform instance to use.

query (twigkit.model.Query)
An instance of an Appkit Query to send to the Platform.

errorPage (java.lang.String )
Error page to redirect to when Platform throws an exception.
Default: /WEB-INF/tags/widgets/error/error.jsp

on (java.lang.String)
Event that is broadcasted for when the response should reload. Default: reloadSearch. (optional)

Tag body

The body of the Response tag can be used to trigger a widget:spinner as the app waits for the response to return from the platform.

<search:response var="response" platform="platform" query="query" error-page="/error">