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Fusion 5.4


All Fusion requests must come from a registered user.

Add Users

The first user who logs in becomes the user admin.

There are two approaches for adding users:

  • Manual – Add users manually to a security realm that does not auto-create users.

  • Automatic – For a security realm that uses an external authentication provider, Fusion can add users automatically. When creating the security realm, check auto-create users. Fusion creates a user the first time someone logs into Fusion.

When you add a new user manually, you must provide a unique username and valid password. All other information is optional. However, unless either roles or permissions are specified (or both), this user will not be able to do anything in Fusion.

If you specify API permissions in a user definition, those permissions override corresponding permissions defined in the user’s roles. See Permissions for more information about how permissions supplied by multiple roles and by user definitions combine.

Manage Users in the Fusion UI

Only Fusion users with administrative privileges (for example, those who are assigned the built-in role admin) can manage users.

Manage users in the Fusion UI. Click System > Access Control > Users.

User Information

Fusion stores user information in Apache ZooKeeper.

Each User entry in ZooKeeper contains the following:

  • id– A globally unique user ID (UUID), created by Fusion based on username, realm-name

  • realm-name– The Fusion security realm name; the default is "native".

  • username– The username string, which is unique within the specified security realm

  • permissions– List of permissions that have been explicitly assigned to the user in the Fusion UI (in System > Access Control)

  • role-names– List of roles assigned to the user in the Fusion UI (in System > Access Control)

  • created-at– Timestamp; created by Fusion

  • updated-at– Timestamp for the last edit; created by Fusion

The following JSON shows the ZooKeeper record for the Fusion admin user:


The following JSON shows the ZooKeeper record for a user entry managed by Fusion: