Legacy Product

Fusion 5.4

Experience Optimizer

Experience Optimizer is an AI-powered search tool that optimizes results for enterprise assets.

Experience Optimizer

Use cases

Reduce administration overhead

Experience Optimizer is a way for internal admin to build out pages necessary to find information such as benefits enrollment, hot links for new hires, or topics/docs other employees are looking for. At benefits enrollment time, HR can take over the top zone of the page to reduce repeated requests about links, where to go, and what to do, thus saving time and resources. All such zones and templates can be built without the need of a developer.

Content importance

You can build a zone for blog posts at the bottom of a page and set a pipeline to only pull in blog posts and sort by date.

Use signals or click throughs to show trending content for all users. Trending articles shows what’s important while also phasing out information that becomes irrelevant over time.