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Fusion 5.10
    Fusion 5.10

    Use the Analytics Screen in the Rules Editor

    This article describes how to use the Analytics screen in the Rules Editor.

    The Analytics screen was renamed from the Dashboard screen in Fusion 5.2.0. All functionality remained the same.

    UI elements

    Data date range

    • Quick Range Selectors. Click one of the quick range selectors to facet your data.

      Data date range selectors

    • Calendar Selector. Use the calendar selector to specify a start and end date and time facet for your data.

      Calendar selector

    Visitor data

    • Data Cards

      Data cards

      • Site Visits. The total number of visits.

      • Total Searches. The total number of searches performed.

      • Unique Visitors. The number of unique visitors to your site.

      • Average Session. The average length of time spent on your site.

    • Data Graph. Detailed information for the selected data card.

      Data graph

    View data by date range

    The Rules Editor analytics allows you to view data by a date range. To do this, you can either:

    • Click one of the date range presets:

      Date range by preset

    • Click the date range details to display and select your range on the calendar that appears:

      Date range by calendar

    View additional card details

    Click one of the analytics cards to view additional details for that card’s data.