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Fusion 5.4

Set Up a Pre-Trained Cold Start Model for Smart Answers

Lucidworks provides these pre-trained cold start models for Smart Answers:

  • qna-coldstart-large - this is a large model trained on variety of corpuses and tasks.

  • qna-coldstart-multilingual - covers 16 languages. List of supported languages: Arabic, Chinese-simplified, Chinese-traditional, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Russian.

When you use these models, you do not need to run the model training job. Instead, you run a job that deploys the model into Fusion. The Create Seldon Core Model Deployment job deploys your model as a Docker image in Kubernetes, which you can scale up or down like other Fusion services.

These models are a good basis for a cold start solution if your data does not contain much domain-specific terminology. Otherwise, consider training a model using your existing content.

Dimension size of vectors for both models is 512. You might need this information when creating collections in Milvus.

1. Deploy a pre-trained cold-start model into Fusion

The pre-trained cold-start models are deployed using a Fusion job called Create Seldon Core Model Deployment. This job downloads the selected pre-trained model and installs it in Fusion.

  1. Navigate to Collections > Jobs.

  2. Select Add > Create Seldon Core Model Deployment:

    Select the Create Seldon Core Model Deployment job

  3. Enter a Job ID, such as deploy-qna-coldstart-multilingual or deploy-qna-coldstart-large.

  4. Enter the Model Name, one of the following:

    • qna-coldstart-multilingual

    • qna-coldstart-large

  5. In the Docker Repository field, enter lucidworks.

  6. In the Image Name field, enter one of the following:

    • qna-coldstart-multilingual:v1.1

    • qna-coldstart-large:v1.1

  7. Leave the Kubernetes Secret Name for Model Repo field empty.

  8. In the Output Column Names for Model field, enter [vector, compressed_vector].

  9. Click Save.

    The configured Create Seldon Core Model Deployment job

  10. Click Run > Start to start the deployment job.