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Fusion 5.10
    Fusion 5.10

    Configure the Rules Simulator Query Profile

    Each app has a _rules_simulator query profile, configured to use the _query_rewrite_staging collection for query rewrites instead of the _query_rewrite collection. This profile is created automatically whenever a new app is created.

    By default, this query profile points to your default query pipeline and collection. You can configure it to point to any pipeline or collection, for example when testing a new pipeline before it has been deployed.

    How to change the query pipeline, collection, and query parameters used by the _rules_simulator query profile
    1. Open the Fusion UI.

    2. Navigate to Querying > Query Profiles.

    3. Select the _rules_simulator query profile for your app.

      For example, if your app is called "Demo" then the name of the query profile is Demo_rules_simulator.

      rules_simulator query profile

    4. Modify the configuration as desired.

    5. Click Save.