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Fusion 5.4

Use Misspelling Detection

Reviewing auto-generated spelling corrections

Spelling corrections that are automatically generated by the Token and Phrase Spell Correction job are assigned one of the following status values:

  • Auto

    There are three values for confidence level:

    Value Confidence Label


    low confidence



    median confidence



    high confidence


    No action is required on these results, but you can edit them if you wish.
  • Pending

    The confidence level is ambiguous, and the result must be reviewed by a user before it can be deployed. It will only be moved from the _query_rewrite_staging collection to the _query_rewrite collection when its status has changed to "Approved" and it has been published.

How to review a pending spelling correction result
  1. Navigate to Relevance > Rules > Rewrite.

  2. Select Misspelling tab. The application displays the Misspelling Detection screen.

    Notice the Status facet on the left. Click Pending to view only the items that need review.
  1. Click the Edit icon icon next to the spelling correction.

  2. In the Status column, select either "Approved" or "Denied".

    Optionally, you can also edit the spelling correction itself.

Adding new spelling corrections

You can manually add spelling corrections in addition to any generated by the Fusion 5.x.x Token and Phrase Spell Correction job release.

How to add a spelling correction
  1. Navigate to Relevance > Rules > Rewrite.

  2. Select Misspelling tab. The application displays the Misspelling Detection screen.

  3. At the bottom of the rules list, click the Add icon icon.

    A new spelling correction appears at the top of the list:

    Add a spelling correction

  4. Enter the misspelled word or phrase.

  5. Enter one or more spelling corrections.

    It is not necessary to set a confidence value.
  6. Select the spelling correction’s status, depending on whether you want to deploy it the next time you publish your changes ("Approved") or save it for further review ("Pending").

  7. Click the check mark to save the new spelling correction:

    Save a spelling correction

Publishing your changes

How to publish updated spelling corrections
  1. In the Misspelling Detection screen, click the PUBLISH button.

    Fusion prompts you to confirm that you want to publish your changes.

  2. Click PUBLISH.

You can un-publish a query rewrite by changing its status to "denied", then clicking PUBLISH.

Tuning the misspelling detection job

The default configuration for the Token and Phrase Spell Correction job, respectively, is designed for high accuracy and works well with most signal datasets, depending on the volume and quality of the signals. If you are seeing too few results, or too many inaccurate results, then you can try tuning the job to achieve better results.

To modify job configurations, you must be a Fusion user with one of the following roles or permissions that include access to job configurations:

Query rewrite jobs post-processing cleanup

To perform more extensive cleanup of query rewrites, complete the procedures in Query Rewrite Jobs Post-processing Cleanup.