Legacy Product

Fusion 5.10
    Fusion 5.10

    About Legacy Docs

    This site includes legacy documentation for product versions that are no longer supported, according to our Lucidworks Fusion Product Lifecycle.

    Legacy documentation is not updated or maintained. As a result, you may discover mistakes or inaccuracies within the documentation.

    Frequently asked questions

    Why did you migrate legacy docs to a new site?

    A new site is the best way to provide a high quality user experience. The legacy documentation site is based on this site and will continue to receive feature updates, as appropriate.

    What about my saved pages?

    We understand that you may have saved pages in bookmarks, shared documents, and other places. To help minimize the impact of this migration, we added page redirects from the current documentation site. However, we recommend that you update your saved pages as soon as possible.

    Will more products be affected in the future?

    Yes, we plan to migrate documentation for product versions that reach their end of life support to the legacy documentation site in the future. This will take place on or after the date stated in the Lucidworks Fusion Product Lifecycle policy.

    We will provide advance notice of any upcoming documentation migrations.