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Fusion 5.4

Index Profiles

Index profiles let your applications send documents for indexing to a consistent endpoint (the index profile endpoint) and change the underlying index pipeline as needed.

An index profile is also a simple way to use one pipeline for multiple collections, without any one collection "owning" the pipeline. Associating a profile with an index pipeline, or an index pipeline and a collection, is simply a mapping.

Finally, you can also specify configuration parameters for an index pipeline in the index profile.

You can use the API or UI to manage index profiles.

Index Profiles in the API

  • Index Profiles API (/index-profiles)

    Create, read, update, and delete index profiles.

  • Index API (/index)

    Index data through an index profile by specifying the profile ID.

Index Profiles in the UI

Index profiles are configured at Indexing > Index Profiles.

Index Profiles