Legacy Product

Fusion 5.4

Changing the Color Scheme

The principle colors used in the theme are define at the top of styles/includes/theme.less:

@color-primary: #273142; // Brand Primary

@color-secondary: #202020; // Utility Black (Non selectable)
@color-tertiary: #4CAF50; // Utility Green Links (Non selectable)
@color-quaternary: #f7f7f7; // Utility Grey page bg
@color-quinary: #d9d9d9; // Utility Grey borders

@color-white: #fff;
@color-black: #000;

@link-color: #498fe2;

Change the @color-primary, @color-secondary, and @color-tertiary variables to the desired color.

For more precise control, the color of individual elements can be controlled in the styling partial stylesheets found in styles/includes/.