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Fusion 5.10
    Fusion 5.10

    See a Smart Answers (QnA) Job's Status and Output

    This topic explains how you can track the running steps of the following jobs:

    The ML Model service logs provide information on data pre-processing, training steps, evaluations, and model generation for those jobs. Follow the instructions below to access the logs.

    1. Find the name of the ML Model service pod:

      kubectl get pods -n <your-namespace> | grep ml-model-service-ui

      The pod name looks like <namespace>-ml-model-service-ui-<hash>-<random>, as in f5-ml-model-service-ui-547dd78d6-p9d6q.

    2. Set up port forwarding:

      kubectl port-forward <namespace>-ml-model-service-ui-<hash>-<random> 8001:8001 -n <your-namespace>
    3. In the Fusion UI, navigate to Collections > Jobs.

    4. Select your Smart Answers (QnA) model training job.

    5. Click Job History.

    6. Find the ML Model workflow ID.

    7. In the ML Model service UI, locate instances of the ID in the logs.