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Fusion 5.10
    Fusion 5.10

    Misspelling Detection

    The Misspelling Detection feature maps misspellings to their corrected spellings. When Fusion receives a query containing a known misspelling, it rewrites the query using the corrected spelling in order to return relevant results instead of an empty or irrelevant results set.

    Spelling corrections are applied in the Text Tagger stage of the query pipeline.

    The Token and Phrase Spell Correction job automatically creates spelling corrections based on your AI-generated data. When you navigate to Relevance > Rules > Rewrite and select the Misspelling tab, the application displays the Misspelling Detection screen.

    You can:

    When you manually add new spelling corrections, subsequent job runs use those documents as input for machine learning to improve the job’s output. Unlike job-generated documents, manually-added query rewriting documents are never overwritten by new job output.

    Misspelled terms are completely replaced by their corrected terms. If you want to expand the query to include all alternative terms, set the synonyms to bi-directional. See Synonym Detection for more information.

    Misspelling Detection screen

    To learn how to use misspelling detection in the Rules Editor, see Use Query Rewrites in the Rules Editor.